Mission & Vision

Our Vision

We highlight innovative and exciting examples of Indigenous education from across the country, celebrating the dedicated work by communities to strengthen Indigenous education for all generations. We connect people at the grassroots level where education is delivered and knowledge is passed on.

Our Mission

We facilitate collaborative networking among communities, leaders, parents, educators, Elders, Knowledge holders, practitioners, policy makers and researchers to advance the success of Indigenous education across Canada and to support efforts in reconciliation for all Canadians.


In these short video clips, Dr. Mark S. Dockstator, Past President of First Nations University of Canada and Founder of NCCIE, shares his insights into the vision of the project, the ‘community-first’ approach, and a perspective on the future of Indigenous education.

What is the vision for the NCCIE?

The ‘community first’ approach of the NCCIE

What does the future of Indigenous education look like?