About Us

The National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education (NCCIE) is hosted by First Nations University of Canada, which has a 40-year history of being indigenous-owned, operated, and controlled. The Centre is grounded in principles of respect, reciprocity, and relationship, which are understood in Indigenous ways and honoured according to indigenous protocols and customs.

We Are Indigenous

The National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education (NCCIE) is uniquely Indigenous, elevating Indigenous perspectives of Indigenous education and incorporating Indigenous values.

Vision & Mission

We highlight innovative and exciting examples of Indigenous education from across the country and facilitate collaborative networking.

Indigenous Education

A distinctly Indigenous approach to working with Indigenous knowledges and peoples is to seek direction and insights directly from communities, rather than imposing a definition upon them.

Who Are We?

The Centre privileges community voices, listening to and respecting their perspectives and interests.

What Do We Do?

The Centre offers different ways of sharing and learning about community stories of Indigenous education.

How Do We Work?

NCCIE is a national research project that is distinctly Indigenous, from concept to design to implementation.

Intellectual Property Considerations

All original content - the digital interviews and any other material shared during interviews - are archived with and protected by First Nations University of Canada.


NCCIE, in collaboration with Trent University, has established an oversight committee comprised of faculty and staff, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, from the Chanie Wenjack School for Indegenous Studies and Trent's Faculty of Education.

NCCIE.CA and Reconciliation

With a mandate to support and encourage a strong national presence for collaboration in Indigenous education across Canada, NCCIE.CA is meant to support a key element of reconciliation - education and serves as the gateway for educators across the country, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous - to share and learn from one another.