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Marisol is a Mexican practitioner-scholar currently studying the Indigenous Studies Ph.D. program at Trent University (ON, Canada). With a Bachelor in Engineering, a Masters in Sustainability Studies, and her 15 years of experience working with Indigenous Communities in Mexico, Central, and Sud America, Marisol's current research interests address collaborative initiatives that aim to further locally-led sustainable development. Specifically, she is particularly engaged with Indigenous models, approaches, and perspectives of what sustainability means for Indigenous Communities and how is it practiced in their territories. In this context, she characterizes sustainable development as jointly embracing social, cultural, economic, environmental, and spiritual dimensions of community well-being. She expects to understand how a more inclusive and holistic understanding of sustainable development can be built, and how can different cultures, nations, sectors, and ways of understanding the world can come together to work in projects oriented to that more inclusive and holistic notion.

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