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My name is Tina Trombley. I am a member of Cote First Nation and reside in Regina, Saskatchewan. I am a recent graduate from the First Nations University of Regina, where I completed my Administration Degree. I am a mother of two great children, Zackery who is fifteen (15) and Zoey who is ten (10). I returned to the university as a mature student looking for both personal and professional development and growth opportunity. Returning to school was an easy decision but it was also a family sacrifice and I appreciated that my children who I refer to as "my rocks", supported me and my goals. During my studies it became apparent to me the importance of Indigenization and how it ties into education and growth. Being Indigenous I have learned that it is important to have positive healthy relationships with all created things and that Indigenous people’s relationship to the land is of utmost importance. Human beings need to understand that we are the most dependent creatures made, reliant on all other created things for survival. Polluting the planet and the lack of respect for Mother Earth along with, making irrational decisions, without the interest of all living things is foolish and absurd when consequences for the future generations survival are not taken into account. The ethics and integrity of Indigenous perspectives gave me the ability to see outside of the corporate bottom line. Indigenous perspective, focus and values are imperative to success in todays modern world. Educational Indigenous initiatives are becoming ever more prevalent in today's society will only add value, understanding and aid in a healthy balance to past, present and future generations success. That's why it is so important and necessary to use our past teachings and knowledge to advance education along with today's technologies.

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