Story Form

To begin, from the portal dashboard, click on the Create New Story button (alternatively, if you are editing an existing story, click the Edit button next to the story).

The Story form contains all the information about the Story you are submitting, including basic information like Title and Description, information about the interviewee and location, and the Assets you’ve created to accompany the Story.


New! Multilingual Capability

The language in the left drop displays the current language for which the story is being edited. Available Languages shows what languages the story is available in. Click on Available Language to add or remove languages other than English. If any language other than English is made available, a translate checkbox will become available. If the translate checkbox is checked, Story Information will display two column for any field that is translatable. If translate is checked, switching the left column language will swap the languages shown in the left and right columns.


When the website language is not English, creating new stories will also save the initial contents into the English fields.

When stories are edited in a different language other than english, new assets will also save initial contents into the English fields.


Story Information


Interviewee Information


Time Stamps


Additional Story Information