(Innu) Children go out in the woods

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Indigenous Language
Indigenous Ways of Knowing & Being, Physical Education, On-the-Land

Early Childhood Education

Acknowledgement Protocol

Please read this Acknowledgement before the start of this lesson to respect the knowledge that is being shared and the Land of the People where the knowledge originates:

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Name Role/Job Title Place
Louis Lalo
Julie Mestokosho
Patrick Michel
Anne-Philomène Mollen
Réal Vollant
Julie Basile
Joyce Basile
Anita Mestokosho
Tania Courtois
Mario Piétacho
Kate Benjamin
Lise Mestokosho
Marie-Ève Piétacho
Desanges Vollant
Sylvianne Fontaine
Nathalie Ouellet
Josée Vollant
Francis Ishpatau
Judith Mestokosho
Sandra Mestokosho
Kathleen André
Marie Tshernish
Annie Pilote
Jean-Luc Ratel

Lesson Plan

Title Type
Innu-aimun mak innu-aitun (English) File

Lesson Plan Length

Estimated Length (hh:mm): 0:23
(includes time for instruction, activities, self-reflection, and assessment, if applicable)

Other Details

Meets curriculum expectations or outcomes for: Québec

Lesson Plan Topics


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