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Northwest Territories
Social Studies

Youth (up to age 30)
11, 12, Post-Secondary

Acknowledgement Protocol

Please read this Acknowledgement before the start of this lesson to respect the knowledge that is being shared and the Land of the People where the knowledge originates:

Note: As long as the 'Acknowledgement Protocol' is followed to honour the Land and the People where a lesson plan originates, lesson plans appearing on NCCIE.CA may be adapted to different places and different ages of learners. What is the Land Acknowledgement where you live?   Read More

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this lesson plan, students will be able to:

1. Analyze ideas and information from multiple sources
  • Determine the validity of information based on context, bias, sources, objectivity, evidence or reliability;
  • Evaluate personal assumptions and opinions.

2. Understand diverse historical and contemporary perspectives within and across cultures, and develop reasoned arguments supported by historical and contemporary evidence.

3. Develop and express an informed position on an issue
  • Use research tools and methods to investigate issues;
  • Consult a wide variety of sources, including oral histories, that reflect varied viewpoints on particular issues.

Teachers' Guide


  • Spiritual (e.g., Relational) Learners
  • Intellectual (e.g., Rational, Logical) Learners
  • Emotional (e.g., Feeling, Intuitive) Learners


This section contains information for assessing progress in students' learning. While Indigenous approaches to assessment may be highlighted, conventional assessment methods may also be discussed:

Where can I find additional information?

Title Type
Berger- Letter to Minister Link
Berger Inquiry Retrospective Link
Video: Dene Chief Frank T'Seleie - Mackenzie Valley pipeline/Gas Project in 1975 Link
Webpage: CBC- Digital Archives on the Berger Inquiry Link
Journal Article by Justice Thomas R. Berger: The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry Link
Berger Report Volume 1: Northern Frontiers, Northern Homeland: The Report of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry Link
Berger Report Volume 2: Northern Frontiers, Northern Homeland: The Report of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry Link
Documentary Film: The Berger Inquiry Link

Holism and All Our Relations

This lesson plan has been developed with an Indigenous lens that is holistic in nature, a way of being and knowing that acknowledges our relationships with 'all our relations', including plants and animals, other human beings, the water, land, wind, sun, moon, stars, and more - everything seen and unseen. With 'all our relations' in mind, this lesson plan has been developed with a focus on:

Relationship with the land
Language and Culture
Intergenerational learning with Elders/Knowledge Holders
Ethics in the classroom: care, truthfulness and trust, respect, integrity
Personal reflection time (connecting with thoughts and feelings)

Lesson Plan Length

Estimated Length (hh:mm): 2:30
(includes time for instruction, activities, self-reflection, and assessment, if applicable)

Other Details

Meets curriculum expectations or outcomes for: Northwest Territories

Lesson Plan Topics


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