Indigenous Languages Playlist:

Strengthening and Reclaiming Languages

The ten videos in this playlist (to the right) highlight language education programs as well as the central role of Indigenous languages in passing on one's culture and identity. They also highlight the strong connection between land and language.

Start with the overview below. Then go to the playlist to the right and watch the ten videos.

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Knowing Ourself First Before We Go Ahead -Traditional Knowledge Holder Darlene Kappo
Traditional Knowledge Holder Darlene Kappo shares her views on teaching Woodland Cree, the language of her community, Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, AB. She talks about how language and culture are inseparable because language is the basis of her culture. Among many things, she discusses differences between Cree dialects and how direct experiences and time are needed to pass on cultural knowledge and immerse oneself in and learn one’s language.