NunatuKavut Community Council - Youth Video Project


NCCIE partnered with the NunatuKavut Community Council for a youth photostory project about the land and cultures of NunatuKavut. The ten youth are part of the NunatuKavut Youth Community
Education Project, funded by the Canada Service Corps.

Each youth created a photostory (and edited it on their own) to share aspects of his/her culture with others:

  • Abigail Poole (3:11 minutes)
  • Alan Russell (4:49 minutes)
  • Amanda Chubbs (1:54 minutes)
  • Benjamin Poole (1:22 minutes)
  • Crystal Rumbolt (1:54 minutes)
  • Dwayne Russell (2:59 minutes)
  • James Poole (2:12 minutes)
  • Marcus Ward (1:58 minutes)
  • Monica Rumbolt (1:17 minutes)
  • Tara Keefe (1:36 minutes)

Note: By clicking on the video, the series will begin with the first one. If you'd like to select which video to view, either a) click on the "1/10" in the upper corner; a window should appear with the list of videos, from which you can make your selection; or b) click on 'copy link', open a new tab, press control-V to paste the link in the search field; hit enter. The YouTube page will open with all the videos appearing in the right-hand column, where you can make your selection.

Acknowledgement Protocol

Please read this Acknowledgement before the start of this video to respect the knowledge that is being shared and the Land of the People where the knowledge originates:

We respectfully acknowledge the Inuit of Labrador and recognize their ancestral and continued ties to the lands and waters.

What is the Land Acknowledgement where you live?

Creative Team

Name Role/Job Title Place
Amanda Chubbs Storyteller NunatuKavut
Tara Keefe Storyteller NunatuKavut
Abigail Poole Storyteller NunatuKavut
Benjamin Poole Storyteller NunatuKavut
James Poole Storyteller NunatuKavut
Crystal Rumbolt Storyteller NunatuKavut
Monica Rumbolt Storyteller NunatuKavut
Alan Russell Storyteller NunatuKavut
Dwayne Russell Storyteller NunatuKavut
Marcus Ward Storyteller NunatuKavut
Nikita Bradley Bradley Community Youth Coordinator NunatuKavut Community Council
Wanda Lee Mesher Mesher Community Youth Coordinator NunatuKavut Community Council
NunatuKavut Youth Community Engagement Project (NYCEP) https://nunatukavut.ca/contact/
Sylvia Moore Regional Lead (Labrador) Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

This video is about:

Inuit youth
in: NunatuKavut, NL

Video Details

Length of Video 23:12 minutes
Is there content in this video that is inappropriate to show young children? No


Please contact Sylvia Moore  for more information.