Voices and Views

Watch these videos about Indigenous education

Indigenous Perspectives on Indigenous Education

“What is your understanding of Indigenous education?”

This 4 minute video features people interviewed in northern Ontario sharing their perspectives from an Indigenous viewpoint on this question. Video created by the Northwest Ontario (NWO) Team.

Round Table on Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into the Academy with Elders and Educators

“How is Indigenous Knowledge being integrated into the Academy?”

This 40 minute video features Elders and Educators from Trent University discussing some of the advances and challenges to integrating IK at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario. Video created by Southeast Ontario (SEO) Team. Click here for more information.

Round Table on Indigenous Student’s Experiences in Post Secondary Education

“What do Indigenous students want you to know about their experiences in post-secondary education and how important their cultures and identities are in their journeys as students?”

This 75 minute video features Indigenous students at Trent University exploring this question. Video created by Southeast Ontario (SEO) Team. Click here for more information.

Truth & Reconciliation

“What are some multi-generational impacts of residential schools that Indigenous students are experiencing and how is a post-secondary education helping them to overcome these challenges?”

This 30 minute video features students and Elders at First Nations University of Canada sharing their experiences. Video created by First Nations University of Canada.