We Are Indigenous

The National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education (NCCIE) is uniquely Indigenous, elevating Indigenous perspectives of Indigenous education and incorporating Indigenous values.

NCCIE is created by Indigenous peoples:

  • to look at Indigenous education from distinctly Indigenous perspectives;
  • to acknowledge the creativity and perseverance of Indigenous peoples in passing on knowledge to future generations;
  • to amplify community voices and foster connections so that people across the country can learn from one another about Indigenous education; and
  • to enhance opportunities for sharing and direct collaboration amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

NCCIE is hosted by First Nations University of Canada, which has a 40-year history of being Indigenous-owned, operated, and controlled. The Centre is grounded in principles of respect, reciprocity, and relationship, which are understood in Indigenous ways and honoured according to Indigenous protocols and customs.

First Nations University of Canada is situated on three campuses in the Province of Saskatchewan, including one in Regina on an urban reserve of Star Blanket First Nation (for more, go to fnuniv.ca).

A Few Words About ‘Indigenous’

‘Indigenous’ is used as a general term when referring to First Peoples, recognizing that most people prefer the use of the name of their nation, such as Haudenosaunee, Nehiwayak, Anishinaabe, etc. The use of “Indigenous” is in no way intended to make generalizations about the distinctness and diversity of the original Peoples of Canada or the world. “Indigenous” is meant to be inclusive of First Nations, Métis, Inuit, non-status Indians and other rights holders classifications.

In addition, the phrase “Indigenous education” is used, recognizing that the many First Peoples of this land define and use the term differently in accordance with their language and cultural context.