ECHO program in Louis Riel School Division, Winnipeg, MB

The transition for students from primary to secondary school can be difficult. The ECHO Program works with students to ease this difficult transition with a variety of programs.

The transition from elementary to high school can be a difficult one – with the ECHO Program, Louis Riel School Division makes that transition easier by creating an enrichment space for students of First Nations, Metis or Inuit ancestry.
A Grade 9 Echo Program Will
– Discover and develop the gifts of Indigenous students
– Frame a vision of students’ potential
– Increase belonging and community
– Strengthen relationships between school and family
– Enrich student learning and engagement through traditional teachings, supports, and opportunities
– Support a successful transition to high school

ENGAP and the Three Sisters

ENGAP works to encourage pre-university students to enagage in the sciences. Their metrics of success are not quantified just on graduation rates.

The Engineering Access Program (ENGAP) offers assistance for Indigenous persons engaged in university studies in Engineering. ENGAP offers an array of academic, social, and personal to meet the needs of its students. ENGAP has also expanded its mandate to include publication of a series of books focused on various forms of Indigenous technologies, intended to increase its outreach.