Here you will find a number of resources and lesson plan templates produced by NCCIE.  Feel free to download them and use them in developing your own lesson plans:

Circular Illustration of an NCCIE Lesson Plan

  • This diagram illustrates the NCCIE lesson plan template using a Four Directions Model.

Checklist of NCCIE Indigenous Lesson Plan Components

  • The Indigenous lens applied in lesson plan development included consideration of thirteen (13) interconnected components. This checklist provides a brief overview of each of the components.

Holism: Everything is Relational – More Info

  • This page provides additional insight into the holistic approach NCCIE has taken in lesson plan development.

Lesson Plan Template with an Indigenous Lens (K-12)

  • This is the template NCCIE used to develop lesson plans for different subjects such as math, science, etc.

Strategic Background Guide for Lesson Plan Template

  • This ‘Guide’ provides more insight into each of the thirteen components and the Indigenous approach taken in lesson plan development.

Indigenous LANGUAGE Lesson Plan Template with Supplemental Information

  • This template is designed specifically for creating lessons for Indigenous languages and has also been developed with the thirteen interconnected components in the Checklist.

Teacher’s Review of the Lesson – HOW DID IT GO?

  • This is a short reflection piece for educators to use after a lesson plan has been delivered.
  • How did the lesson go?

Important Note:

The Four Directions Model in these lesson plan templates and documents is circular to represent the holistic approach NCCIE encourages when developing a lesson plan from an Indigenous perspective.  It is not to be interpreted as a Medicine Wheel or Medicine Circle.  NCCIE acknowledges that not all First Peoples have Medicine Circle teachings, and NCCIE strives to respect the distinctness of Inuit, Métis, First Nations and Indigenous Peoples across Canada.  The holistic ways of thinking and being among Indigenous Peoples in Canada are the foundation upon which this Four Directions Model and Indigenous Lesson Plan Template have been developed.