Lesson Plans – Indigenous Ways of Knowing & Being

These lesson plans relate to Indigenous ways of knowing and being through building relationships to the natural world and understanding the past in order to foster healing and resiliency. Some lessons demonstrate how Indigenous knowledge can support a deeper understanding of the land and the changes that are a result of climate change. Others are focused on remembering ancestors, understanding treaties and exploring culture through traditional land-based practices (such as hunting, gathering medicines, weaving, drumming, shelter building, tree tapping, etc.).

Bison Unit: Lesson 4 - Bison Hide Tanning (Let's observe the process)

This is about learning the art of tanning hide from Joely BigEagle-Kequahtooway and Lorne Kequahtooway of the Buffalo People Arts Institute. They will walk us through the process with each video cr...

History, On-the-Land, Nutrition, Social Studies, Biology, Art, Chemistry, Health, Indigenous Language
Indigenous Ways of Knowing & Being

Grade: 12 [10, 11, Youth (up to age 30), 4]