CityScapes Photo Essay


Many Indigenous peoples have moved to urban areas for employment or educational opportunities. While many of the Indigenous urban youth consider the urban centre their home, it is important to keep close ties to their Indigenous communities to help maintain their traditions and their sense of self, family, community and language.

For this video, a group of young women took photographs that illustrate their connection between living in an urban centre and their Indigenous community and culture.  Then, as a group, they created this photo essay.

Urban / Rural Indigenous perspectives of the landscape while co-opted by their surroundings reflect Indigenous meaning.   Within CityScapes, buildings, hardened by the lights, are laced with images of past family members and Indigenous memory.  In Kainai LandScapes, rural scapes shift with rivers, waterfalls, sunrises and sunsets punctuated by wildlife. These two backgrounds are equally and indelibly intertwined to form parts of the newly emerging Indigenous expression of Canada.    

Protocole de reconnaissance

Merci de lire cette déclaration de reconnaissance avant le début de cette activité en signe de respect aux savoirs partagés et au territoire de la nation d'où proviennent ces savoirs:

The original signatories for The Articles of Treaty 7 include the Blackfoot, Blood, Peigan, Sarcee, and Stoney Nations as well as Her Majesty the Queen of England on behalf of Canada. Treaty 7, signed on September 22, 1877 describes the expansive lands exchanged for benefits promised in perpetuity to the descendants of the signatories, which include health care, schools, and reserved land. The Treaty is a living document, all people living in Treaty 7 territory are treaty members bound with mutual responsibilities to support peaceful co-existence.

Quelle est la reconnaissance du territoire là où vous vivez?

Équipe de création

Nom Titre Endroit
Autumn Wayner Photographer/Storyteller Calgary, AB
Tiyanna Little Pine Photographer/Storyteller Calgary, AB
Eve Strong Eagle Photographer/Storyteller Calgary, AB
Karma Lee Thomas Photographer/Storyteller Calgary, AB
Mazzy Howard Chiniquay Photographer/Storyteller Calgary, AB
Aaliyah Melting Tallow Photographer/Storyteller Calgary, AB
Kaidance Bellegarde Photographer/Storyteller Calgary, AB
Halona Coldwell Photographer/Storyteller Calgary, AB
Elena Manywounds NCCIE Research Assistant Calgary, AB
Leah Bortolin Curriculum Resource Person Tsuut'ina
Linda Many Guns Knowlege Holder and NCCIE Team Lead, Alberta Calgary, AB

Sujet de la vidéo:

urban youth
dans: Calgary, Alb.

Renseignements sur la vidéo

Durée de la vidéo 12:24 minutes
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